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The Ugly Mac 128K

Bob Brant's book "Build Your Own Macintosh and Save a Bundle" describes how to assemble Mac components into a PC case. The Mac below is a variant on this theme and comprises a Mac 128K logic board in a slim line enclosure. There is no internal floppy drive and a home made composite video adapter has been fitted.

My attempts to use this device have not been successful as I can't get any of my monitors to sync with the video output but it appears to boot from an external floppy drive.

Please note that I am not the creator of this device, so no flames please.

Front view featuring keyboard connector and reset and programmers switches.

Rear view showing standard logic board connectors and the additional composite video output.

The ugly Mac 128K with the lid removed.

Close up image of the home made video adapter.

The inspiration for this hack may have come from the February 1988 issue of "Apple User" magazine. The article includes a schematic for a composite video adapter for the compact Mac and a description of how to modify a monochrome Apple IIgs display to work with such an adapter.

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