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Apple Logo Stickers

(This page is inspired by a discussion on the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup in the spring of 1999.)

Click on the thumbnail to display a larger image (30 to 50KB). Contributions of images of other Apple stickers are welcome.

Orig stickers GIF

Apple displayed a neat touch when they decided to give away a packet of stickers carrying their logo with each new system unit.

The examples on the left, still in their original bag, are of the type supplied with a 1982 Apple IIe. The corporate typeface is Motter Tektura which was used on all Apple products up to the launch of the Mac 128K.

Sticker2 GIF

A later example of Apple logo stickers (sans logo), believed c.1990.

Late stickers GIF

These are the most common Apple logo stickers that I've seen. The corporate typeface this time is Garamond.

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