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Apple II "red book"

"Red book" front cover

To modern eyes, the Apple ][ technical reference (aka "red book") would appear to be very strange. The first couple of pages describe how to set up your brand new Apple ][ but the rest is full of valuable information for the computer hobbyist or developer -- schematics, Basic program listings, Assembly listings and more.

My copy differs from other photographs on the web because of its colour -- orange. More erudite readers will appreciate that the colour is very similar to the tangerine football strip worn by Blackpool FC.

"Red book" rear cover

A possible clue to this difference can be found on the rear cover. Does the "ITT Reference 8/17523" imprint mean that this is a copy produced under licence from Apple by ITT?

Note: my red book was not purchased from the same source or region as my ITT 2020.

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