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This is a reconstruction of original Radius support documentation. All links on this page are now defunct. For more information, refer to the document Vintage Radius Documents.

Common Questions & Answers for DOS on Mac PCI Cards


What systems does the DOS on Mac Card for PCI currently support?
Power Macintosh 5400*, 5500*, 6360*, 6400*, 7200, 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 9500 and 9600 series computers.
*The 5400, 5500, 6360 & 6400 computer can only fit the 7” 5x86 card.

Can I copy and paste between the Macintosh and the PC?
Yes, whatever is in one clipboard is translated to the other clipboard when you hot-key between platforms.

Can I share the memory on my Macintosh system with the DOS on Mac Card for PCI?
No, the card requires dedicated memory. However, the card uses the same type of DIMMs installed on the PCI Power Macintosh computers, so excess memory, if any, can be transferred.

How fast is the DOS on Mac Card compared to my Macintosh?
These are 2 different platforms so a direct comparison is difficult. Macintosh is based on the PowerPC 60X processor while the DOS on Mac Card is based on Pentium and 5x86 processors.

How fast is the DOS on Mac Card compared to the same processor and video subsystem configuration on a stand-alone PC?
Approximately 10% slower due to the shared SCSI hard drive.

Can I be connected to my Mac and PC network at the same time?
Yes, with the dual TCP/IP extensions available through the optional DOS on Mac Enhanced Network Pac users can have two simultaneous IP connections, one on the Mac side and one on the PC side.

Can I see both my Macintosh screen and my PC screen on one monitor at the same time (Window in a Window)?
No, you have two choices:
1. You can hot-key between the Mac session and the PC session.
2. You can have two monitors -- one will be dedicated to the Mac while the other is dedicated to the PC.

Can I use a hardware key that goes on my PC parallel port with the DOS on Mac Card for PCI?
Yes, an optional parallel/serial adapter is available to support all parallel port devices including hardware keys.

How do I partition my hard drive between the DOS/Windows and Macintosh environment?
We don’t partition the hard drive. During the install you are asked how much of your remaining Mac hard drive you would like to allocate to a folder for the PC side. The install program then does it all for you.

How do you compare with Insignia Solutions SoftWindows?
On the platforms that we currently support, we are over ten times faster. This means that an operation that takes 15 seconds with the DOS on Mac Card takes over 3 minutes with SoftWindows. Plus, we offer true dual-processing -- two processors running independently as compared to software emulation running two operating systems on only one processor.

How do you compare with Orange Micro cards? Our cards offer superior price/performance.

Why does my system say 100MHz when I have a 133 or 166MHz card?
Be sure to install the DIMM PATCH.

Do you support clones?
Yes, we currently support many of the UMAX, Power Computing and Motorola models.

Do the DOS on Mac cards support plotters and/or scanners?

Why does my system lock up under DOS when it gets to the HIMEM line?
Make sure your CONFIG.SYS file has the following line:

Why doesn't Windows 95 see the ports when I have the serial/parallel option?
In the Windows 95 Control Panel, go to ADD NEW HARDWARE. Check "NO" (do not have Windows scan the system). From the list, select COM/LPT port. Use the standard port type and all of the defaults. Repeat this procedure twice - once for LPT2 and another for COM3.

Can I get 32-bit drivers for the CD-ROM, hard drive or floppy for Windows 95?
No, they are not available at this time.

Why won't my PC screen come up?
Ensure the video cable has been installed correctly.

What do I do when I get a "NON SYSTEM DISK OR DISK ERROR" message when switching over to the PC side?
Put the MS DOS Installer Disk or Windows 95 boot disk in your drive and press any key.

What do I do when I get a "INCORRECT OPERATING SYSTEM" message when switching over to the PC side?
Put the MS DOS Installer Disk or Windows 95 boot disk in your drive and press CTRL+OPTION+DEL.

How do I load Windows 95 when it locks up on disk #2?
You have the compressed floppy version of Windows 95 and must get use the uncompressed floppy version or the CD-ROM version, both available from Microsoft.

Drives, CD-ROM

Can I use my Mac CD-ROM with my DOS/Windows CDs?

Does the DOS on Mac Card for PCI support third-party CD-ROM drives?

Can I add another drive?
Yes, you can add any SCSI storage device and allocate it as a PC drive.

How do I get my CD-ROM working under Windows 95; it worked under Windows 3.1, but doesn't after I upgraded?
Edit your Autoexec.bat file and change the line that says

Why do I always get an error trying to read the disk in my CD-ROM even though I get an E:> prompt?
Make sure that you have FORMATION CD in your extensions folder and that Apple CD is out of the extensions folder.

Can I use my Zip drive with the DOS on Mac Card?
You can use the Zip drive as a hard drive, but you cannot use it as a Zip drive.

The system will not read my floppy disk?
It takes up to ten seconds before the disk is recognized, and you must insert the disk from the side you want to read it (Mac or PC).

Printers, Modems

Can I print on my Apple printer?
Yes, locally or across the network.

Can I print using a PC printer?
Yes, either across a Novell Network or with the optional parallel/serial adapter port.

Can I print in color to my Apple printer?

Can I print in color to my PC printer?
Yes, either through the PC network or with the optional parallel/serial adapter.

Does the DOS on Mac Card support Apple modems?

Why isn't my printer working?
In Mac PC Setup, make sure you have your printer set up as LPT1 (be sure COM1 or COM2 is not set to printer). On the PC side, make sure that you have a print driver selected (we recommend Apple Laser Writer II NT and Epson LQ2500).

Can I share a modem?
Yes, but only one side can have access at a time.

Operating Systems, Software Applications

Does the DOS on Mac Card for PCI support Windows 95?

Does the DOS on Mac Card for PCI support Windows NT?
Yes, locally as an operating system or a server, and you can connect as a client with the optional DOS on Mac Enhanced Network Pac software.

Does the DOS on Mac Card for PCI support OS/2 Warp?

Can I run UNIX?

Can I run DOS and Windows multimedia applications on my Macintosh?
Yes, our PCI Cards include 100% SoundBlaster compatibility to support all DOS and Windows games and applications.

Does the DOS on Mac Card for PCI support all DOS/Windows applications?
Yes, it will run any DOS/Windows application that you can run on an IBM-compatible PC.

Can I run AutoCAD Release 13?

Can I run client/server applications like PeopleSoft Human Resources package?
Yes, we support all client/server applications under Novell NetWare and TCP/IP.