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This is a reconstruction of original Radius support documentation. All links on this page are now defunct. For more information, refer to the document Vintage Radius Documents.

Using Radius ColorMatch with Adobe PhotoShop

Follow these easy steps for great process color reproduction on your PressView SR Display System:

  1. Adjust lighting so the room is dimly lit or dark.

  2. Install the Radius ColorMatch Tables in the PhotoShop Folder.

  3. The PressView display should be allowed to warm up for at least thirty minutes prior to calibration. It is recommended to maintain consistent color, that display power saving software be disabled.

  4. Start the PressView application, click the Communication Tool button and select the communications port that your PressView display is connected to.

  5. Click the Calibration button to start the ProSense application.

  6. Choose Preferences in the Edit menu and check the Adobe PhotoShop Monitor Files check box.

  7. Click Select Folder and choose a folder to store the PhotoShop Monitor profile (this file can be located anywhere on your system hard disk. We suggest the PhotoShop application directory). Click OK.

  8. Click the ColorMatch® Calibration button in ProSense

  9. After calibration is complete, the Display will be named Radius ColorMatch® RGB-xx.

  10. Quit ProSense and PressView. (The PhotoShop Monitor profile is saved automatically.)

  11. Start Adobe PhotoShop.

  12. Choose Preferences in the File menu and drag to select Monitor Setup.

  13. Click Load, then find the folder you saved the Adobe Photoshop Monitor profile in, select the monitor profile (the profile file name is the name of the display created in step 11 with .AMS added). Click Open. Set "Ambient Light" to High. Click OK.

  14. Choose Preferences in the File menu and drag to select Separation Tables.

  15. Click Load, find and select the Radius ColorMatch Profile of your choice, and click Open. Click OK.

  16. Open a CMYK file in Adobe Photoshop.

  17. You can change the Radius ColorMatch Profile at any time.

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