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This is a reconstruction of original Radius support documentation. All links on this page are now defunct. For more information, refer to the document Vintage Radius Documents.


ColorMatch Installation Instructions

Below are instructions for installing the downloaded ColorMatch 2.01 files. We will be expanding on these instructions in the weeks ahead, but these instructions will help you get started using ColorMatch:

Installing Radius ColorMatch 2.0.1

Radius ColorMatch 2.0.1 consits of the following Photoshop Separation tables:


FUJI Commercial (Colorimetric)

FUJI Commercial (Saturation)

FUJI Commercial (Perceptual)

MatchPrint III:

MPIII Commercial (Colorimetric)

MPIII Commercial (Saturation)

MPIII Commercial (Perceptual)

SWOP Sheetfed Coated:

SWOP Sheetfed C (Colorimetric)

SWOP Sheetfed C (Saturation)

SWOP Sheetfed C (Perceptual)

SWOP Sheetfed Uncoated:

SWOP Sheetfed UC (Colorimetric)

SWOP Sheetfed UC (Saturation)

SWOP Sheetfed UC (Perceptual)

Radius ColorMatch 2.0.1 also includes the following ColorSync Profiles:

FUJI Commercial ColorSync

MPIII Commercial ColorSync

SWOP Sheetfed C ColorSync

SWOP Sheetfed UC ColorSync

Note: For more information on using ColorSync and the differences between Perceptual, Colorimetric, and Saturation, go to


1) Copy the Photoshop tables to your hard drive:

Copy the table(s) you wish to use to your hard drive. The table location is not important but it should be someplace easy to find on your system. Creating a Radius ColorMatch folder within your Adobe Photoshop folder would be a good location for these files.

2) Copy the ColorSync profiles to your hard drive:

Open your System folder

Open your Preferences folder

Open the ColorSync Profiles folder

Copy the ColorSync profile(s) you wish to use to the ColorSync Profiles folder

*Now all the software is in place to use with PhotoShop and ColorSync*

Soft Proofing with Radius Colormatch® RGB in Adobe Photoshop®

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