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AppleShare Clients for PCs

DOS clients


I have just been sent a copy of this software but have yet to test it.

Apple AppleShare for PC

Supplied as a kit with the LocalTalk PC card. I have just been sent a copy of this software but have yet to test it. It looks very similar to the Farallon PhoneNET PC client which is unsurprising as Farallon bought this software from Apple.


This is a DOS environment for use with Dayna cards. The software is very old and is not compatible with any version of Windows. DaynaShare requires DOS 3.3 onwards and it installed OK for me on MS-DOS 6.22. A pop-up desk accessory (TSR) is provided which is used to select printers and AppleShare servers but the interface is not very intuitive.For example, the password field is greyed out; make sure that you press the DEL key before you type in your password. DaynaShare conflicted with DOSKEY with MS-DOS 6.22.

The software is specific to Dayna cards and does not conform to ODI or NDIS networking standards.

Click on the thumbnail below for a more detailed look at the DaynaShare environment.

Dayna AppleShare Client

Farallon PhoneNET PC

I am only familiar with version 3 which is integrated with the Windows 3.x Farallon Timbuktu client (below).

Windows 3.x clients

Farallon Timbuktu

The Timbuktu name lives on at Farallon but the modern product is very different from its predecessors. Support for the older products is still provided at

Older versions of Timbuktu incorporated the DOS PhoneNET PC client into the Windows 3.00a and 3.1 environment. The software acts as a client on an AppleShare network to access shared printers and files. An extra feature allows you to view the screen and transfer data to other Mac or PC users running the Timbuktu client software.Timbuktu supports any LocalTalk, Ethernet and TokenRing card for which ODI drivers are available

Installation is a two step process, with the DOS component being configued first. The DOS installer failed to add all of the required components in the PHONENET.BAT file, so I had to manually load the ASHARE, MINSES and REDIR commands. The Windows installer expects to find Win 3.0 or 3.1 but experienced PC users should also be able to make it work with Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Timbuktu almost worked for me with Windows 95 and I'll have another go when time permits.

Click on the thumbnail below for a more detailed look at the Timbuktu Chooser equivalent.

Timbuktu Chooser

Miramar MacLAN

The version of MacLAN for Windows 3.1 is available as a free, fully functioning download from Miramar Systems ( The software supports any LocalTalk, Ethernet or TokenRing card for which ODI drivers are available; the download includes drivers for many LocalTalk cards.

I work with people who continue to use this software in a production environment. Performance is good although I've only used it as an AppleShare file and print client. This software also works in peer to peer environment in a similar way to Mac personal file sharing.

Thursby Systems TSSTalk

A demo version can be downloaded from Thursby Systems ( I have not tested this software yet. Thursby also market DAVE, an implementation of the Windows SMB/CIFS networking system used by PCs. DAVE does not use the AppleTalk protocol and is only suitable for integrating a Macintosh into a Windows networking environment.


This product was purchased by Thursby Systems and evolved into TSSTalk. Older copies of CopsTalk for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 can be found for download on the internet but I haven't tested them. Warning: any links will now take you to a porn site. 

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP clients

Miramar MacLAN

This is commercial software which is still supported and developed. Out of the box, it does not necessarily support all network adapters so don't expect to find 32bit drivers for your odd ball LocalTalk card. However it should be possible to use the Win 95/98 version with older cards by installing a Real Mode ODI card driver and installing an ODI/NDIS shim in the Network control panel.

A demo version can be downloaded from Miramar Systems (

Thursby Systems TSSTalk

A demo version can be downloaded from Thursby Systems (

File conversion software

If you have files that were created on a Mac or Apple II, it can sometimes be difficult reading the data into PC applications. The best known software for converting file formats DataViz MacLink Plus ( which can handle files created using many PC, Apple II, Next, Sun and Mac applications. The package is available in Macintosh and various Windows flavours.

Software bridges

All of the products listed above act as AppleShare clients; MacLAN software can also act as a peer-to-peer server with other AppleShare devices. None of the products provide any functionality to bridge a LocalTalk network to an Ethernet network.

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