WebCamDV for Windows

Last updated: July 1, 2003

Index of Questions:

I purchased and downloaded WebCamDV from How can I get a replacement copy or recover my WebCamDV serial number?

These types of issues can be handled at esellerate support.

I cannot select WebCamDV as an available source for video in Yahoo Messenger. What can I do?

This happens because Yahoo Messenger v5.5 will pick up the first webcam that it finds. Yahoo Messenger does not list all available cameras. Workaround: Assuming WebCamDV is already installed, turn off your DV Camcorder. Open Yahoo Messenger. Go to Tools menu and select "Start My Webcam". At this point, you should see the WebCamDV logo. Turn on DV camcorder and you should now see your video stream.

How do I uninstall WebCamDV?

Start the WebCam DV or WebCamDV Trial Installer Setup.exe. Click on the radio button Install/Uninstall WebCamDV. Click Next, click Next again. Welcome to WebCamDV Setup dialog appears, click Next, click Next again. Click on the radio button Uninstall WebCamDV and click Next. WebCamDV will be removed. When removal is complete, it important to restart your system.

I am using WebCamDV v2.0 and I only get the WebCamDV logo instead of streaming video. What can I do?

Make sure your DV camcorder is connected to your computer, turned on and listed in the Windows System Device Manager under Imaging Devices. If you continue to only get the WebCamDV logo in the program you are using, try the following:

In the lower right hand corner of your screen (in the application tray) right click on the WebCamDV icon and select "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" or your camera name. Even if the camera is already selected, click on it anyway. Video should then stream in your application window.

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