The Orange Converter easily attaches to any Macintosh FireWire port or any Windows based PC that has FireWire ports, and converts all SCSI data from your SCSI peripheral, both input and output. iMac owners with FireWire ports can now have access to SCSI peripherals. Macintosh G3 and G4 owners who are "slot challenged" can use the Orange Converter to save a valuable PCI slot by removing any existing SCSI PCI host adapter card.

The Orange Converter is limited to a single SCSI device, however, most devices once connected to the Orange Converter can be hot plugged to a FireWire port. The Fast SCSI data transfer rate is 10 Megabytes/second. This is up to 5 times faster than the existing USB to SCSI converters currently on the market. The Orange Converter comes standard with a 25 pin SCSI connector, 6 foot FireWire cable and power supply.

Orange Converter Features

System Requirements

A FireWire Port

Mac OS 9.0.4, Mac OS X, Apple FireWire 2.3.3 or newer, or Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition or Microsoft Windows 2000

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