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A Selection of Manuals

All manuals are scanned in PDF format for printing on A4 or US Letter paper, unless otherwise stated.



ThunderScan User's Guide (for the Macintosh) [c. 13MB] The ThunderScan manuals were originally printed in sepia ink, hence the soft image quality.

ThunderScan Supplement and Errata (for the Macintosh and ImageWriter II) [c. 2.5MB]

Hard Disk 20 User's Guide [c. 2.6MB] The Hard Disk 20 User's Guide was printed in colour; my original manual has yellowed a little and the PDF file has been lightly retouched.

Hard Disk 20 Supplement (four pages) [c. 650KB]

Dayna MacCharlie User's Guide (HTML)

FWB SCSI JackHammer Owner's Manual [c. 1.3MB]


Connectix Virtual User's Manual [c 5.4MB] The manual came from a new in box kit, but there are some rust stains from the staples.

Connectix Ram Doubler 1.x User's Manual [c. 650KB] A copy from 1994.

Connectix Ram Doubler 2 User's Manual [c. 2.1MB]

Connectix Speed Doubler 8 User's Manual [c. 2.6MB]

Apple Switcher Construction Kit [c. 4.9MB]

Apple III

Apple III Profile Drive Owner's Manual [c. 2.9MB]


TOPS PC FlashCard User's Guide [c. 1.5MB] The TOPS FlashCard User's Guide was printed in black and white with a colour cover. The manual content has been trimmed to omit trivial material (eg how to install an ISA card). All technical information relating to the card and software has been included.

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