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Original Mac 128K M0001 Packaging

According to the Getting Started leaflet supplied with the original Mac 128K, the new owner should "Save the packing material to repack the Macintosh in case you need to mail or ship it." Few heeded this advice.

My example shows lots of signs of use but is almost complete.

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The famous Picasso-style drawing appears on two sides of the box.

Another great site with photos of original Mac packaging can be found at

The previous owner told me that this Mac was an early dealer demonstration model. This appears to be true as the model number is M0001 rather than the usual M0001P found in Europe.

Writing on the box warns that this Mac was originally a 110V model.

Note the old style Apple logo on the shipping label.

All of the polystyrene inserts and cardboard sleeves are present. The plastic accessory box has typically yellowed.

A close-up of the accesory box shows the raised Macintosh lettering. Note the hand written label warning that this it contains US system software.

Opening the accessory box reveals the Getting Started leaflet (includes a packing list), user's guide and cardboard sleeve for power cord. The original power cord has been lost.

Under the manual are the original system software disk, Guided Tour disk and the cassette tape to accompany the tour. A programmer's interrupt switch was included.

MacPaint and MacWrite do not appear on the packing list. A separate boxed copy with manuals and cassette tape were included with my system. Again these are US versions.

The cardboard sleeve for the keyboard package is a little battered. The original US keyboard appears to have been swapped for a UK model with a £ sign in the right place.

The sleeve for the mouse packaging is in better shape.

The Mac shown siting in the lower polystyrene insert. Unfortunately the Mac itself has been upgraded to a Mac Plus so the rear case bucket has been lost. I'll restore it to the original state when I can locate the replacement case. The power supply has also been swapped for a 240V version.

The system serial number is printed on a label on the external packaging.

The system serial number (which fortunately is located under the front case next to the screen brightness control) matches the number on the external packaging.

Front of the Getting Started leaflet. The user's manual contains full instructions for setting up and using the Macintosh.

Inside the first fold of the Getting Started leaflet.

Inside the second fold of the Getting Started leaflet.

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