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Other Resources

Macintosh Networking How Tos -- guide to basic networking with Macs. -- System 6 Heaven - Old Macs in an OS X Environment. -- Amber Rhea's page on networking classic Macs and PCs.. -- MacTech magazine article on IP sharing and NAT.

PC Resources -- Farallon support pages for PhoneNet PC 3.1.

Apple II Resources -- Bart's network of Apple IIs, Macs and PCs. -- Marsha's patched AppleShare control panel for the Apple IIgs (ASCDEV21G.SHK)

Macintosh Resources -- Mac Freak's networking problem page. -- drivers for third party Mac network cards. -- Gamba's Mac resources with links to AppleShare servers for Mac System 6. -- Jag's resources for older Macs. Good info on getting older Macs on the internet. -- not a lot of networking info but good descriptions of various Mac models. -- Mac Mothership. Resources for compacts and other older Apples.

Technical Resources -- Cisco's guide to AppleTalk routing. Very techy. -- a guide to AppleTalk routing from Neon Software. Very techy. -- Inside Mac - Networking. Online version of Apple's guide for programmers. -- a useful old technote from Apple. -- AppleTalk routing and protocol technical guide.

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