Dear Customer:

Congratulations on your purchase of MacCharlie!

MacCharlie is one of the finest microcomputer peripheral products on the market. It will greatly enhance your use of your Macintosh, the finest personal computer available.

Our long hours and attention to detail culminating in MacCharlie have enabled you to combine the advanced Macintosh environment with the breadth and power of applications in the PC world.

With our help, you have created a unique personal computer system, with unsurpased user friendliness and unparalleled diversity of use. All of us at Dayna Communications are proud to have contributed. We know that MacCharlie will enhance your computing productivity and en joyment.

We thank you for your purchase of MacCharlie.


William K. Sadleir

The MacCharlie Team

Lynn Alley
Steve Alley
Bob Barrett
Bruce Brand
Greg Brereton
Jerry Brereton
Kent Bridges
Patrick Buckland
Richard Burton
Gary Coker
Bud Covington

George Gerpheide
Gary Gwin
Ron Hardy
Gary Hogge
Jim Holdaway
Jan Jensen
Edgar Jerez
Ruth Johnson
Mark Kohagen
Mike Lundberg

Michelle Marsh
Charlie Marshall
Gary Mayberry
David Meyer
Peggy Miller
Barbara Petersen
Bill Sadleir
Vicki Sheffield
Carolyn Steele
Don Ziegler

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6 About This Manual

9 Chapter 1: About MacCharlie
10 Chapter 1 Contents
11 Introduction
12 Meet Your MacCharlie
14 What MacCharlie Is: Its Parts
17 What MacCharlie Does
18 The Equipment You Need
18 The Connection
19 Getting Started
22 Setting Up a MacCharlie Document
24 Getting Out of MacCharlie and Back Into Macintosh

27 Chapter 2: Using MacCharlie
28 Chapter 2 Contents
29 Introduction
30 Making MacCharlie Run
38 MacCharlie's Other Features

49 Chapter 3: MacCharlie Reference
50 Chapter 3 Contents
51 Introduction
51 The Keyboard
57 Disk Drives
58 MacCharlie Commands
59 The Menus

73 Chapter 4: Adding to Your MacCharlie System
74 Chapter 4 Contents
75 Introduction
75 Upgrading Your MacCharlie
77 Printers
77 Adding the IBM PC Compatible Expansion System

79 Chapter 5: Taking Care of Your MacCharlie
80 Chapter 5 Contents
81 Introduction
81 Keeping MacCharlie In Good Shape
83 Troubleshooting

87 Appendices
88 Appendix A: MacCharlie Specifications
90 Appendix B: Connecting Macintosh to MacCharlie
95 Appendix C: MacCharlie's IBM PC Compatible Keyboard
99 Appendix D: Connecting the IBM PC Expansion Chassis to MacCharlie
100 Appendix E: Networking

100 Index


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About This Manual

MacCharlie is a co-processing device with software manufactured by Dayna Communications, Inc. MacCharlie enables your Macintosh computer to access and control the myraid of programs originally written for the IBM Personal Computer (PC) or its compatibles.

This manual will not teach you how to use your Macintosh. If you are not yet comfortable with basic Macintosh skills, please read Macintosh, the owner's guide that came with your Macintosh.

This manual will introduce you to the skills you need to run IBM PC software on MacCharlie. The instructions assume that you are not experienced with the IBM PC or any PC compatibles. Once you've mastered a few new techniques, you'll apply them whenever you use your MacCharlie.

However, to master the features of specific IBM PC application packages, you will need to study the manuals included with those packages.

This manual tells you how to:

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How to Use The Manual

Read Chapter I to learn the basics and to get started using your MacCharlie. Then read Chapter 2 to become familiar with MacCharlies operating system, MS-DOS, and to begin using your IBM PC applications software.

Use Chapter 3 for reference regarding the many menus and options available to you in MacCharlie . Return to Chapter 4 when you want to learn how to expand your MacCharlie to give you even more versatility.

Read Chapter 5 soon to learn how to care for your MacCharlie.

The Appendices contain technical information or instructions for certain specialized applications.

The Index can help you find where topics of interest are discussed.

Ready? Let's get started with MacCharlie!

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