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Dayna MacCharlie Documentation and Software

All of the useful stuff in the MacCharlie documentation is provided here in HTML form. I've tried to keep in the typos and mistakes that appeared in the original documents and may well have added a few new ones during the conversion. You can view the pages online here or download them for offline reference.

Some chapters contain a lot of images. The approximate size of each chapter is shown next to the link.

Copyright information (5KB)

Introduction and contents (12KB)

Chapter 1: About MacCharlie (225KB)

Chapter 2: Using MacCharlie (90KB)

Chapter 3: MacCharlie Reference (460KB)

Chapter 4: Adding to your MacCharlie System (10KB)

Chapter 5: Taking Care of your MacCharlie (10KB)

Appendix A: Specifications (10KB)

Appendix B: Connecting up MacCharlie (10KB)

Appendices C, D and E (10KB)

Each chapter starts with large image showing the MacCharlie "in action". These have been omitted from the main links above.

Chapter 1 title image (32KB)

Chapter 2 title image (60KB)

Chapter 3 title image (70KB)

Chapter 4 title image (78KB)

Chapter 5 title image (70KB)

Appendices title image (80KB)

Download the MacCharlie Software

The software below is a later version than is described in the MacCharlie manual. It works with my MacCharlie but I have no idea whether it works with all MacCharlie ROM versions.

MacCharlie Mac disk - localised for the US (188KB)

Download this version if you use a US keyboard and country settings. If you use different settings, you will need to use Apple's Localizer utility to modify this disk.

MacCharlie Mac disk - localised for the UK (188KB)

Download this version if you use a UK keyboard and country settings.

MacCharlie PC clock driver and transfer utility (8KB)

Note that MacCharlie was supplied with an OEM version of MS-DOS 3.10. It should run with any older version of DOS such as IBM DOS 3.30. You may need to rename the to in order for it to work properly.

Copyright information: If you wish to use any images on these pages, please contact the author, Phil Beesley on