Mainly Neat Stuff: Obscure Apple computer hardware and software

Apple II and Apple III

8 bit Apple II Expansion -- Notes and photos of some of the more useful expansion options for your Apple II.

Apple IIe Clamp Documentation -- A sample of some of the documentation that was supplied new with an Apple IIe.

ITT 2020 (Europlus clone) -- The ITT 2020 was a popular Europlus clone produced by electronics company ITT in conjunction with Apple.

Apple II "Red Book" -- My copy of the Apple II technical reference differs from the photographs that I have seen elsewhere: the cover of my "red book" is orange.

Apple Floppy Drives -- A brief description of the various external floppy drives produced by Apple for the II, IIII and early Macintoshes.

Apple III -- Just a quick look at the system and description. I wish I had more bits and pieces for my Apple III.

1991-92 Sun Remarketing Catalogue --"One stop shopping on Apple IIs and IIIs". Sun Remarketing specialised in selling refurbished and surplus Apple II kit for many years. Their web site is now closed but until 2005 they were the people to visit for esoteric stuff like the Apple II Video Overlay Card.

Quark Catalyst User's Manual -- installation, configuration and usage guide for the essential Apple III Profile utility. This is an OCR copy of the original manual. Long -- 112KB. 

Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh LC Frequently Asked Questions

The IIe card creates a multi-featured Apple IIe inside an LC series Macintosh. The Frequently Asked Questions page describes the card and explains how to use one. A second page includes photos of the card and screenshots of one in use.

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